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Third Place is a world of many kinds: a world of live together-ness, created for producers, artists, journalists, and makers of all kinds to collectively propel the field of audio storytelling forward; where makers and listeners converge at once;  a world of wandering, of unexpected inspirations, of marking your own path. 


This week, we’re rolling out several programming announcements for Third Place. Expect the mystery to keep unravelling, little by little!

Please note that all offerings below are included in the full Maker Registration, including both Main Stage and Mini-Fest events.


Main Stage events are an opportunity to return to the breathless, buzzing venues where you’ll find your favorite podcast hosts, audio producers, and multimedia artists on-stage for urgent conversations and experimental live performances.

We’ve just announced both Main Stage shows:


In Our Streets: When Local Reporting on Police Violence Takes the International Stage, a live conversation between Chenjerai Kumanyika (Uncivil, Rutgers University) and local reporters from cities across the United States.


The Haunt Is Inside: A Collective Listening Experience From The Spooky Place. Join host Aliya Pabani and a variety of haunted guided listening experiences and performances. 


Appreciators and makers converge for two day-ish-long “mini-festivals” — immersive celebrations that explode the making & un-making of audio. Each festival will feature curated work, plus an array of live behind-the-scenes interviews with makers, surprise mini-workshops and performances, creative prompts, community conversation, and more! 

We've just announced both Mini-Festivals:

The Unbound & Beyond Fest, which explores experimental & multimedia work that breaks form — and puts it back together into something entirely new.

Fest of the Best, a dive into 20 years of the best work from our Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition, available to appreciators via individual tickets (and included for all makers who register for Third Place).


We've just announced our live sessions for makers, from sound design trainings to unexpected, and wildly creative approaches to storytelling, to community dialogues that challenge best practices in the industry.

Maker Sessions will feature some of the brightest and boldest voices from the audio landscape and beyond.


Note: All Maker Sessions will be recorded, to the fullest extent that they can be, and made available within the Third Place world to re-watch after the live session ends.


A maker's experience in Third Place would not be complete without the chance to just spend time with each other at all hours. From your arrival in Third Place, you’ll find a secret portal to our Community Commons, a series of connected rooms that you can literally walk around in (you’ll get it, we promise!) & explore.

Within these rooms, you’ll have a ton of flexibility to hang out however you’d like to, from one-on-one chats, to conversation groups, to hosting your own DIY events.


These common areas will reintroduce the more serendipitous run-ins, coffee dates, late-night chats, etc of the conference, available around-the-world-wide-clock and exclusively for Third Place dwellers (aka all makers who register.) 


Third Place is excited to to welcome Audible to set-up shop for the day in the Audible Lounge, and speak to makers & appreciators alike about their commitment to artists & narrative audio storytelling. Come hang out in the virtual Audible Lounge for a fireside chat with one of Audible’s most exciting creators of 2020.

Plus, makers will have the opportunity to meet with Audible representatives to talk pitches, opportunities, and the shape of Audible’s programming in 2020. We’ll announce more from Audible on October 19.

We're also excited to announce that has hooked us up with live audio captioning for most of our events, and every maker who registers for Third Place will get one month of Otter Premium free!

…. and so much more. There will be ever-more layers to Third Place including: virtual audio galleries, community forums & contributions, surprise announcements & guests, memorabilia and merch, and more.


Check back here as we add more programming and build this world with you, and for you.

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